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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dear Summer : A Love Letter.

Dear summer, 

It's no secret how much I've always adored you. Fall has my heart, and Christmas is my favorite, but you are just everything good. You're happiness and sunshine and laughter and beach days and just pure goodness. 

You've been such a gift already this year. You've been full of sunshine and pool days and sunkissed skin that gets more and more golden with every Friday that passes. 

You've been two-year-old laughter filling the air while Jack gets more and more confident splashing his way up and down the pool steps. 

You've been vacation, road trip plans, good music with the windows down. 

I love your beautiful, perfect golden hour, especially when it's accompanied by walking Jack around the block with a diet coke in my hand. 

I love how you make me feel alive. How you make me feel happy. How you make me feel young and vibrant and full of potential. I love how each day of you, while it may be filled with work and chores and responsibility, still feels like an adventure because there's the possibility of an hour at the pool, or an ice cream run, or a sunset walk. 

I love how you bring a sense of lightheartedness. Even the serious things don't feel quite as serious when you're around. 

I love how you bring people together. Spontaneous pool days, cookouts, vacation plans. You were made for those. 

I love how, even in the midst of chaos and broken things, you seem to find a way to remind us there is still good out there; there is still peace to be found. 

I'm so thankful to call Florida home and get to experience more of you than most people. 

Love you forever, summer. Stick around awhile, why don't you?

What has your summer been so far? 

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