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Friday, June 15, 2018

What True Friendship Looks Like Right Now.

Life is made up of lots of different seasons we travel through. As our seasons change, what true friendship looks like changes. Some seasons call for space, some seasons call for an almost-roommate of a friend. Some seasons need extra support, some seasons need more lightheartedness. Some seasons need spontaneity, some need stability. 

I am extremely, extremely blessed to have some true friends in this season of my life. 

Right now, this is what true friendship looks like: 

It looks like acting like me inviting you over is the most fun thing you could have imagined for a Friday night (I know it's not) because I'm solo-parenting and couldn't get a babysitter. It's pretending you don't notice how messy my house is, and then rolling your eyes and saying you don't care when I point it out. 

It's facetime dates. Lots of those. It's understanding that sometimes you just have to blow my phone up before I'll call you back. It's lots of missed calls and texts and not getting too mad when I take twelve business days to respond to your text. 

It's understanding that no matter how much I love the idea of being spontaneous, this season of life takes so much planning. It's still inviting me to things you know I probably won't be able to swing because you don't want to leave me out, and it's trying to plan things in advance so I can secure childcare. 

It's reminding me of how important my dreams are, and nudging me to follow them when I stall or say I'm too busy. 

It's listening to me talk about how I want to be healthier and then not judging me when all I want for dinner is Publix fried chicken. 

It's checking in when I go a little quiet. It's taco bell runs and juice cleanses. It's saying "I'm here for you." It's pool days and Netflix nights. It's sticking it out through the ups and downs, because that's life. It's deep and it's fun. 

It's such a gift. 

What does true friendship look right now in this stage of your life? 
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