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Monday, July 16, 2018

Coming in Live on a Monday.

Gooood morning + happy Monday!

I had every intention of scheduling blogs to go live during my trip to D.C., but Jack was sick all week. I don't know if you've ever been around a toddler with a stomach virus, but it's very, very time consuming (and also very messy, but we don't have to talk about that). Anyway, life happens. Here we are. 

I'm feeling really good today. I mean, I'm so tired, and my to-do list is approximately a mile long, and good GRACIOUS how is there so much laundry?! But I'm also feeling like, "Hey, it's a Monday! A fresh start and a new week and lots of potential!" Maybe it's the coffee I'm chugging, but I'm rolling with it. 

One thing I noticed on my trip was that I was excited about everything. And while you might think, okay, duh, everyone's excited on vacation, I mean I was excited about everything. I'd wake up in the morning (I'm cursed and cannot sleep in, even on vacation) and drink my coffee on the couch and think about the day and it would feel so exciting. Deciding what we were going to eat for breakfast felt exciting. We bought $1 face masks from Forever 21 and it felt exciting. We sat on a bench in a park and drank diet cokes and it felt like the best day ever. We felt so lucky to be there. Because we were!

I really want more of that in my normal life. And while yes, vacation is always going to feel more exciting than waking up on a Monday morning and working and doing laundry, I can at least try to take some of that excitement and bring it with me into my daily life. I mean, you never know what a day is going to hold, but I can almost promise you'll enjoy that day more if you feel lucky to be living it. 

So that's my goal this week. It's a Monday, so it's a perfect time to roll out something new. This week, my something new will be trying to be excited about everything, even the mundane things. Trying to have the attitude that, "of course this is going to be a good day!" An attitude of feeling lucky to be alive and living this life. Because I really, really am. 

Who wants to join me?
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Monday, July 9, 2018

Keep Doing What You Love.

A few months ago (I believe Steph shared it) I read a blog post that said, "The majority of people will not work a job that sets their soul on fire, and that is okay." At first, it made me really sad. Then, it was kind of a relief. 

We tend to act as if our jobs are the most important part of life. Maybe not consciously, but with our actions. Example: Maybe you love painting. You're an amazing (or just okay) painter. It makes you happy like nothing else. It soothes you. It makes you come alive. But. You can't get a job as a painter. So you stop painting. 

WHAT?! No!

I have been incredibly blessed with my job, and I love it for many, many reasons. However, my job is not writing. And that's okay.

It's okay that writing doesn't pay my bills. It's okay that my job doesn't solely consist of doing the thing that sets my soul on fire more than anything else. What would not be okay would be stopping doing that one thing just because it doesn't pay my bills. Because my soul deserves to be excited and alive and on fire. So does yours. 

Tomorrow, my best friend and I are headed to D.C. for a concert. I love trips. I love going new places, seeing new things, eating at new places. I love concerts. I love dancing and singing outside. 

Is dancing and singing at a concert going to pay my bills? Nope. Quite the opposite, actually. But is it going to fill me up with happiness? You bet. 

In a world getting increasingly darker, do the things you love. Do them often. You are hopefully pouring your cup out to make the world a better place in whatever way you can, so do the things you love and fill that cup back up. 

I love watching the sunset, going swimming, eating dinner on patios outside. I love blogging, painting my nails fun colors, going thrifting. I love beach days, listening to the music with the windows down, candles that smell like summer. 

Are any of those things going to fix the world? No. 

Are they important? Yes. 

Do what you love, friends. It's important.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Coffee Date: Rainy Summer Days Edition.

If we were having coffee...

...I'd tell you that Jack & I had a photo session with my sweet friend Kristen. I was so excited about it and for her to capture Jack at the stage he's at now, but we got there and he was NOT having it. He wouldn't smile, laugh, talk, dance, nothing. It was so unlike him and I was so bummed! BUT, she sent me over the pictures, and holy moly, I don't know how she did it, but she got some beautiful ones. I mean, LOOK at that. I'm in love. 

...I'd tell you that this summer has been full of rainy days (mostly rainy afternoons). And while I hate getting rained out of a pool day, I love how green and vibrant everything is. I also love the smell of summer rainstorms. Something about it just makes me happy. 

...I'd tell you I'm becoming more and more obsessed with Poshmark. It's really so much fun!! A hobby that pays me to thrift? Sign me up. You can see my closet here. 

...I'd tell you that next week, Sam and I are taking our annual summer bff trip. This year, we're going to D.C. to see Taylor Swift. I could cry, I'm so excited. Two bucket list things! Tell me your must-do thing in D.C. 

...I'd tell you I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude lately. Things have not necessarily been very gratitude-inducing (it's been the week of the stomach virus), but I'm feeling it nonetheless. I attribute it to keeping my perspective in check, like I blogged about earlier this week. It's wonderful to feel like this. 

Your turn! Tell me what's going on with you!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

On Falling in Love With Your Life.

As I'm writing this, Jack has his first ever stomach virus. It's awful and seriously so, so sad. It's been a rough 24 hours (I'll spare you details, but I've gone through three bottles of carpet cleaner). 

But the weekend before he got sick was so much fun. We took Jack to Universal, ate the best food, watched him splash around the Curious George park. I mean, look at this picture. Pure joy. 

The day before Jack got sick, I had the best day with my best friend. We laid by the pool, went to Goodwill, ate Taco Bell (let me live). It was great. 

And today I'm cleaning up puke. 

In short, it's been the best week and the worst week. 

But that's life, you know? Ups and downs. Good and bad. 

If you were to give me a snapshot of life right now, it may look something like this: 

Chels, you're riddled with anxiety, have entirely too much on your plate, spend most of your time with a two-year-old that you are often completely clueless about, haven't accomplished a lot of your goals, overdrew your bank account last week, and girl, your face is breaking out like whoa. 

Well doesn't that make me want to run for the hills? 

It may also look something like this: 

Chels, you're fighting anxiety like a freakin' champ. You have such good friends, near and far. You are proud of yourself. You're steadily working on your goals every day. You live in the sunshine state, you have pool days often. Your days are filled with the sweetest, tiny human, good books, work that pays for a wonderful home, and lots of laughter. 

Okay, now that I can get on board with. 

Both of those are true. Both of those are facts. But one sure looks better than the other, doesn't it? 

It's all about perspective, friends. 

Want to fall in love with your life? Check your perspective. 

For me, the last two years have been full of the very best moments and the very most gut-wrenching things. When I look back at the terrible stuff, there is not one single thing in the whole bunch I could've changed. Every one of them was out of my control.

My perspective is always in my control. Yours is always in your control. 

So try it. It's free. It takes very little effort. And it could be life-changing. What do you have to lose? 

I know you're overwhelmed. I know you're tired. I know things aren't panning out the way you had hoped. And sure, you can focus on that. You can replay your bad luck on a loop in your mind. You can fill your days with looking at all the ways life has been unfair to you. All the ways you're not good enough. The places you've really dropped the ball. 


You can look at the greatness around you. You can replay that wonderful weekend with friends on a loop, because wow, aren't you lucky to have them? You can focus on how amazing you are, how strong you are, how hard you're trying. How it's pretty amazing that you've made it this far. How lovely it is to live in a world with good books and chocolate and sunshine and your favorite song. 

Both are true. Both are facts. 

But one sure sounds a lot better than the other, doesn't it?

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