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Monday, July 23, 2018

My Favorite Things I've Discovered in July.

My July discoveries were majorly cheap (or even FREE) and majorly about daily pampering. There two things don't tend to go hand in hand (Am I the only one who sometimes reads a blog post of how to treat yourself and ends up feeling like I need roughly $200 of products?) so I am thrilled. Let's get to it. 

PS: These are affiliate links. I'll make (literally) a few pennies if you click on them. Carry on!

1) This gel eye mask. My favorite thing this month (and honestly, maybe the entire year or like, MY WHOLE LIFE) was $7.99. Please do yourself a favor and buy it. You can make it warm or cold, and it's magical. I keep it in my freezer and use it every day, but especially when I have a headache. Puffy eyes, headache, feel tired, feel just blah? This works some magic. You need it. I loved it so much I immediately bought my mom and best friend one. Everybody in my life will be getting these as gifts. I love them that much. 

2) Lymphatic drainage massage. My new favorite way to treat myself FOR FREE.  I was listening to The Morning Toast (my favorite podcast!) And Lauren from The Skinny Confidential was on as a guest. She talked about this and a few google searches later, I was hooked. I've been doing this every day for a few weeks, and it works. My face is less puffy when I do it, I look more awake, and honestly, my skin just looks better. There are tons of tutorials on youtube, but I like this one, this one, and this one. 

3) Microneedling. Lindsay did a post on this awhile back, and it intrigued me, but also scared me. But having ventured into the world of facial massage and feeling like where has this been all my life?! I wondered if microneedling was something like that. Plus, Lindsay could tell me to rub diet coke on my face before bed every night and I'd probably do it. She's trustworthy like that. I've only been doing this for about a week and a half, but honestly, aside from travel breakouts (ugh, airplanes) my skin has been looking pretty amazing. I'm excited to see what longterm results I see from doing it! 

4) Ice roller. While yes, this technically helps with inflammation and overall puffiness, it also just feels REALLY freaking good. Like, amazing. It lives in my freezer and I use it every single morning. It's supposed to tighten pores and wrinkles, de-puff your face and eyes, increase blood flow, and a bunch of other good stuff. And while I totally believe it does those things, it also wakes me up and makes me feel really refreshed, so it's a winner. 

5) Sheet masks. ONE DOLLAR for a pampering sesh. Seriously? If you've got Amazon Prime, here's a 16 pack for $9. I don't know why I've never used sheet masks before now, but I'm obsessed. 

6) Under-eye masks.  At $3.41 for TWO packs of 15, add this to your cart for the next time you buy anything on Amazon (it's an add-on item). Puffy under-eye? Be gone. Dark circles? Bye, girl. I love me some collagen, so slap these on your eye wrinkles and let that goodness sink in. PRO-TIP: Put them in the fridge before you use them. Heavenly. 

Have you used any of these things? Tell me your favorite thing you've discovered this month! 

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