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Friday, July 27, 2018

What July Taught Me.

To slow the heck down || More specifically, that it's possible to slow down even when life is hectic. I tend to equate "slowing down" with "doing nothing" and I'm learning that doesn't have to be the case. Even on the busiest of days, doing simple things like taking care of my face can slow things down. 

For me, slowing down is more about attitude than it is about action. I can still have a day of working hard and tackling my to-do list without having an anxious and urgent attitude about it. Does that make sense?

To remember to dream big ||  I mentioned last month that I’ve started making a little money on Poshmark. I’ve also been making money from my blog (praise!). I’ve got this list on my phone of things I need money for, and every time I make a sale on Poshmark, or when my Amazon affiliate payments come in, I subtract that amount from the list. Right now, it’s mostly boring things: Credit card payments, library fines (oops). And a few fun things, too: Swim lessons for Jack, new, prettier bedding.

I’m reading Girl, Wash Your Face (CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH) and - I say this without a hint of exaggeration - it’s changing my life by the chapter. Truly. But one of the ways it’s wrecked my mindset this month is the reminder to dream big. To write down the big things you want so you remember why you’re working so hard. 

Do I want new bedding? Yes! Would paying my credit cards down to zero be amazing? Heck yeah. Are they my biggest, wildest dreams? No. They’re not. 

So this month was a reminder to dream big and out loud and in color. To write them down, to put them where I can see them, to work hard with those dreams in mind. Tell me - what are your dreams? The big ones? The scary ones? The ones that might seem silly to someone else, but are important to you. Hear me: They’re important. They’re reachable. Get at it! 

What did this month teach you?

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