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Friday, August 17, 2018

Love You, 2018: Part 6.

June (I know it's now August, don't @ me) looked a lot like. . .

Dinner dates and 

Bubble baths and 
bedhead in a tiny Tommy Bahama chair and 
Jack's first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese (depsite the face he's making, he LOVED it) where he rode this ride approximately 72 times giving us approximately 72 printed pictures of this face and 
A trip to our new movie theatre (EVERY SEAT IS A RECLINER) that has a full bar and dinner menu and

Got all fancy for a hospital dinner and 

Marveled at Florida's sunsets and  

Lots of pool days and 

Celebrated the new church building (my dad's a pastor, if you're new here!) (This is my mom... isn't she GORG?!) and

Jack tested out the new seats and

Realized someone stole my toddler and replaced him with a college student and

Attempted to take Jack to his first movie (FAILED) and 

Had lots of afternoons outside and
Celebrated Chris' birthday in Orlando and 
Played on the Curious George splash pad, living his very best life. 
What was your favorite part of June?
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