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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Love You, 2018: Part 7.

If you're trying to be more grateful in your life (which is something we should all be focusing on, in my opinion!) I highly recommend doing this silly little exercise. Just flipping through your phone pictures at the end of the month can really show you how much you have to be thankful for and how many good, happy moments there truly are. 

For me, July looked a lot like...

Trying Voodoo donuts for the first time (which, by the way, 1,000% lived up to the hype)

Setting off fireworks while Jack watch in awe (but not so much awe that he didn't try to waltz on over there and pick them up himself)

Took our annual BFF trip. This year we headed to D.C. 

Saw the queen herself, TAYLOR SWIFT while in D.C. Also, had our seats upgraded from the very top row (no joke, you couldn't get any higher) to FIRST LEVEL SEATS. Thanks, Taylor!

Saw the prettiest sunset driving home from the airport

Celebrated milestones with my parents

Got my eyemask stolen from one cute little thief

Found the cutest brewery that serves flights in old Florida license plates

And also had plenty of room for Jack to run around and play (they even had a playground!)

Jack looked adorable in a giant football helmet

Tried TWO new restaurants...MidiCi Pizza which just opened up down the road from my house (dangerous)

And Grub, which is CLEARLY dangerous, as you can see by my cheeseburger being topped by bacon and MAC AND CHEESE

Jack learned he could push his own stroller, so RIP our peaceful walks

Got this dress on Amazon, and while it was kinda made fun of on instagram, I love it!

What did July look like for you?

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