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Monday, August 27, 2018

My Favorite Things I've Discovered in August.

Hushup + Hustle blender bombs. || These. Are. Everything. Cocoa + Almond Butter + Coffee is my favorite flavor! I don't know how, but one little bomb (full of clean, healthy ingredients) adds so much flavor and texture to smoothies, and fills you up for hours. It's magic. For real. 

This mini coffee frother || under seven bucks and works like a charm! It's had to mix cinnamon in with coffee without it just sinking to the bottom (things you learn when you give up creamer), but this little guy does the trick! I've also tried it with milk in my afternoon coffee, and it froths it up like a coffee shop!

Beautycounter|| I mentioned last week that my beloved makeup has turned on me and started wreaking havoc on my skin. I thought if I took a little break and tried some cleaner makeup for a little while, it might help things clear up. I'll do a whole post on this soon, but spoiler: I love it! As does my skin. 

Oh Snap! pickled veggies. || I love pickles, but I'm allergic to cucumbers (so sad, I know). BUT Oh Snap! now makes pickles with veggies other than cucumbers, and I'm so happy! I've only tried the snap peas so far, but they're so good...crispy and refreshing, just like a classic pickle! 

Key Lime LaCroix. || I don't know how they did this, but this zero calorie, zero everything drink tastes like meringue. It is delicious. I've only been able to find it at my Target, so check yours! 

Free People Dupes. || I've been loving the look of these Free People shoes. I think they're so cute, but they're also $200, so no. Not happening right now. Imagine my surprise when these shoes showed up at Target. Seriously, almost identical, except they're $170 cheaper. I got them in the cognac color and I love them. They're going to be so cute all fall!

Red Refresh tea. ||  I go through phases with tea, and I'm definitely in a big tea phase right now. I've been making a pitcher of this tea on ice every morning and drinking it throughout the day. It's so refreshing! If you've ever had the passionfruit lemonade at Starbucks, it kind of reminds me of that!

What have you discovered this month? 
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