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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What August Taught Me.

That it's worth it to spend time and money on little joys. || Friday was Jack's current nanny's last day (insert all of the tears...does anyone have any Gainesville babysitter connections?), and I had planned to get allll of the things done. Know what I did instead? I went to the pool, then I met my friend for lunch. It was so worth it. I spent money on getting my nails done with her. It was so worth it. I got home that day not with a completed to-do list, but feeling relaxed and refreshed from spending the day with one of my best friends. So. Worth. It. 

Sometimes we (or at least, this is true about me) feel guilty for spending our time and resources on little things that don't seem important. I'm just gonna tell you - they are important. And they are worth it. 

That I still care way too much about what people think. || After reading Girl, Wash Your Face, I've tried to really pay attention to this in myself. Oof, I've got a lot of work to do. I've come a really long way, and do care way less than I did even last year, but I give other people's opinions (or maybe opinions, or what they might think) waaaaay too much brain space. Going to keep working on this!

That it is extremely satisfying to work through the hard days. || August had lots of hard days. Not bad days, but hard days. It was a good month, but I have a two-year-old and I work from home...there's gonna be some hard days! But this month showed me that being tired and having a hard day and choosing the chug some coffee and get to it anyway is incredibly satisfying. It feels so good to choose to work hard, even when you'd rather crawl into bed and watch Netflix. Being proud of myself is a feeling I love, and it's worth being a little sleepy every now and then. 

Listening to an encouraging book or podcast while I do busywork makes me so much more productive. || I love a good pump-you-up playlist, but those only work for so long before I'm over it. I've found that listening to a positive book or podcast while I'm doing things like wading through emails, doing the dishes, folding laundry, or other mindless work like that makes me more productive for longer. What about you?

What did this month teach you? 
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