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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Yesterday Sucked & That's Okay.

I've talked a lot about inspiration lately and how motivated I am to make my dreams happen. Yesterday I was pumped to start the week. Mondays are a fresh start and I was excited. I was ready to plan and dream and succeed and get all the things done. 

And then...I just had a crappy day. Nothing huge happened, just a bunch of little irritating things. My motivation to get alllll of the things done quickly faded and it felt like I was trying to swim through peanut butter to get anything done (You know what I mean? Like you're moving so slow and everything is so hard and there's no reason for it?). 

I guess what I'm saying is Mondays are great to start fresh and plan out your week and make a plan to totally kill it in every area...but hey, Tuesdays are pretty good for that, too. Wednesdays also work. It's not a day of the week, or a date on the calendar, it's you

I guess what I'm also saying is as much as I want this to be a little hub of inspiration, I also want it to be a place of honesty and authenticness. So for every ten posts I write about how you can do it (which you CAN) and how I believe in you (which I DO) and how I'm feeling so inspired to take on my dreams (which I AM), it's only fair to include the ones saying, "hey, I tried, I had a weird day, I'm not feeling motivated, ugh." Because that's life. And because I know you have those days too. So why not talk about them? 

Why not talk about them and say, "My plan to kill it on Monday didn't work, so Tuesday will have to do." Why not be honest and admit, "My to-do list about murdered me yesterday, but I'm up and ready for round two." 

Yesterday sucked for me. It just did. No long story, no big point, it just sucked. And you know what? That's okay. Because I woke up again today, thank goodness, so I get a re-do. I'm chugging coffee (BLACK COFFEE (with cinnamon, I'm not a monster) for the fourth week in a I KNOW I can do anything) and I've got my to-do list and I am ready to make this re-do count for me. 

You woke up today too, so you also get a re-do. Let's make it count, okay? 

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