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Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's All Messy. It's All Perfect.

One of my best friends, Kristen, is an EXTREMELY talented photographer. So when she suggested a shoot with me and my little bub and a piano in the middle of a field, I was so down. I bought outfits (complete with suspenders and a hat for Jack, because, duh), did my hair and makeup, and I was READY. 

You know who wasn't ready? Jack. He was NOT having it. That picture up there? That's him screaming and sobbing like someone was trying to murder him instead of take his pictures. 

The hat I bought him? He wore it for exactly O N E picture. And he looks super thrilled about it, see: 

It was hot and muggy and buggy. My beach waves I spent forever putting in my hair vanished pretty dang fast. And then, just a few minutes after Jack finally warmed up to the whole idea (if you could call it that), he LEPT off of the piano, onto my face, wiping what was left of my makeup off onto his white shirt, causing this situation: 

It was messy. So dang messy. And these pictures? 

They're perfect. So dang perfect.

They're beatiful, of course, because we had a talented photographer. But they're perfect because they capture me and Jack as we are, right now in life. He is messy and needy and a toddler and clingy and hilarious and full of so much love. Me, my hair is messy and my makeup is sometimes there, sometimes not. I'm stressed and tired and need a minute and my heart is EXPLODING on the daily with how much I love this little guy. 

I will treasure these forever. I will frame them and print them and look back on them and love them forever. Because they're us: My little best bud and me. My wild child. My tiny little love. Us. 

If you have a babe of your own, please get your pictures taken. If I wasn't so lucky to have Kristen, I probably wouldn't have ever thought to do this. I feel like mom + son pictures aren't really a thing, you know? Mom + daughter pictures, maybe. Family pictures, for sure. But I never would have thought this was something I should spend money on. But these are priceless.  

Get behind the camera. Don't wait for a special occasion. Get someone to snap some memories, right now, just as things are. This stage, whatever stage it is, however messy it is, deserves to be captured.

It's all messy. It's all perfect.

And, if you're in Jacksonville (or Florida, or anywhere - my girl travels!), get behind Kristen's camera. You can check her business out at K. White Photography
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