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Monday, September 24, 2018

My Favorite Things I Discovered in September.

This fuzzy cozy cardigan. Give me something cute and comfortable, and I'm a happy camper. This fits the bill. It's so cute, but also feels like you're casually wearing a robe in public. WIN-WIN-WIN.

Witch hazel spray. My friend has been using witch hazel toner for a few months now and can't stop raving about it. When I went to pick up a bottle of my own, I noticed there was a spray version. I got the lavender and it is so refreshing! Such a pick-me-up, especially since we're still in the middle of 90 degree days over here. 

Freezer sleeping mask. You know I've been raving about my freezer eye mask for months, but guys, I have taken it next. freaking. level. It's a sleep mask and a freezer mask. Block all the light out, sleep better, and get rid of headaches and puffy eyes. A M A Z I N G.

Coffee protein shakes. I was watching someone's instagram story and saw that they were making a blended coffee with protein powder and I thought that was GENIUS. I tried it and holy crap, I'm obsessed. I use this powder which has no added sugar (PRAISE), is high protein, and has a bunch of greens added. So I'm basically drinking a frappuccino, but with no sugar and kale and brocolli, AND it fills me up. This is insane and also the best. 

These hair ties. I feel like I'm probably the last person on the planet to try these, but I LOVE THEM. I don't know what kinda black magic they use, but they don't pull my hair, and they don't leave creases. I had to use a normal hair tie the other day and was like, what is this crap?! So you could say I'm converted.

What did you discover this month?!
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