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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Spending September: A To-Do List For Adventuring Through The Month.

things to do in September

Happy September! September is this perfect little slice of the year where it's still summer, but fall starts creeping in on a daily basis. Pumpkin spice coffee in the morning, sunny pool days in the afternoon. Cutoffs and flipflops, but cozy cardigans on top. I love this part of the year. 

We've got 25 of these glorious days left. Here are some ways I think you should use them:

1. Write out some mantras and manifestations for the month. What do you want out of this month? Write it down and say it out loud!

2. Have a cookout while the weather is still summer weather.

3. And then have a picnic when it starts to cool down. 

4. Write down things you see that you'd like as a gift. 

5. Make a playlist that instantly gets you out of a funk. Also, tell me a few songs that are on that playlist, because I'm currently building one of my own and I need more songs! 

6. Get yourself a pumpkin spice coffee. 'Tis the season. Pro tip: If you don't like PSL's because you think they're too sweet, order yours with half the syrup and an extra shot of espresso. 

7. Get this coffee frother. It's under $7 and will make your fall coffees so much better! 

8. Write down 10 (little) things your thankful for every day. I've started doing this and both 1) harder than you'd think, and 2) a GREAT perspective shifter. 

9. Get a fall-colored cardigan. I do this every year, because every year fall clothes hit the stores and I want them ALLLL. Since that's not an option, I get a fall colored cardigan/jacket/scarf/something of the sort that can go with things I already own. This year, I got this cozy cardigan in the gold color (it's the prettiest, bright mustard color and I love it!)

10. Go for a relaxing walk. Not a burn calories walk, not a talk on the phone walk, just a walk to breathe some fresh air and clear your mind. 

11. DIY a pumpkin spice latte. Save lots of money and possibly find your new favorite drink! 

12. Get some new candles. I hit up the Bath & Body Works sale and my house smells so good! Fresh candles just make everything feel cleaner and cozier.

13. Set a health-related goal. What can you do this month to better your health? Drink more water? Go on a certain amount of walks? Go to bed earlier to get more sleep? Set a goal and do it, then see how much better you feel at the end of the month.

14. Wear something you like, but think you can't pull off. Bright lipstick or a jumpsuit or your hair a certain way. I bet you look great. 

15. Next time you have a success, big or small, make an effort to celebrate it. With a fun dinner, or ice cream, or a full-on party if you want. Congratulate yourself on your successes the same way you would a friend. 

16. Start paying close attention to the things you say "yes" to. Wouldn't it be awesome to head into 2019 feeling confident about knowing when to say yes and when to say no?

17. Next time you have dinner with someone, leave your phone in the car (or in the other room) so you have to actually pay attention to each other. One of my best friends told me that her and her husband do this when they have date night, and their conversations are so much better for it!

18. Clean out your closet. For real this time. Throw things away, sell them, donate them, whatever. If you don't wear it, get it out of there. You'll feel so much better!

19. Watch the sunrise. At least one time this month!

20. Next time you get the urge to go shopping, hit up a thrift store first. Unique finds and less money - it's a win-win!

21. Try to recreate your favorite dinner out. Cocktails, appetizers, desserts, the works! 

22. Make a fall bucket list. The rest of the year flies by, you know this. Write some must-do's down so they take priority on those precious free weekends. 

23. Rewatch a movie you loved but only saw once. There's something about rewatching favorites that is an instant mood-booster. 

24. Try your hardest to have one day this month where you have no plans. If you can't swing a whole day, start with an afternoon. Giving your brain time to take a break is so important! 

25. Get a Zak Tumbler next time you're at Target. Someone stole my Yeti last month (SO SAD) and while this is no Yeti, it does keep your drinks hot or cold for a very long time! Plus, $9.99 for the 30 oz one is a great deal!

How will you be spending your September?

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