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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What September Taught Me.

To go to the freaking doctor when I don't feel good. || I had some weird pain last week that I thought could possibly be an ear infection or jaw issue (but was probably totally nothing), and it kept getting worse. Because I am stubborn and have a high pain tolerance I assume that if I ignore something/press through something long enough, it will go away. The throbbing happening on the entire right side of my face right now would suggest that is FALSE. Note to self: Go to the doctor sooner next time. 

That saying your goals out loud to someone is a really powerful thing. || Writing them down and thinking about them in the privacy of your own brain is good. It's a good first step. But saying them out loud? To your friends and your family and whoever will listen? Goodness gracious, it's next level. It gives those closest to you permission to join that part of your life, and that's pretty cool.

To not be so stuck that I won't try new things. || I completely overhauled my daily / weekly routine two weeks ago, and you know what? I LOVE IT. It created so much more room for productivity and removed a lot of the overwhelm I was feeling. It was a good reminder to not get so stuck on things that are good that I won't try things that might be great. 

With everything new, to take the good and leave the rest. || A few months ago, I started following this nutritionist on Instagram. She shared a lot of health tips that were super helpful to me, shared recipes I tried and loved, and really helped me view getting healthy in a new way. Well, last week she busts out with all protein, except for plants, is horrible for you. And not just like, hey, watch how much you eat! But, all of it is awful and it will probably kill you. Meat? It's the devil. Eggs? They will literally murder you. 

It was a bummer because I'm not personally vegan, and my first instinct was to just stop listening to her completely...but that's dumb, because I've gotten so many good things from her! The reality is, I'm probably not going to agree 100% with everything new I come across in life...but that doesn't mean I should just discount all of it. Take the good, leave the rest. 

What did this month teach you?

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