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Monday, September 17, 2018

You Know I Love A Good Live Blog.

When I first started blogging, it was like a year before I even knew you could schedule blogs ahead of time. So if there was a blog posted, it was written that day. And while my neverending desire to get my life organized loves being able to schedule things head of time, I do love writing + posting in the moment when it can happen. It feels more like we're all hanging out, you know? 

This morning, I'm drinking vanilla maple coffee (still going strong with the black coffee!) with cinnamon and it might be my favorite non-pumpkin coffee to date. I got it on a whim at TJ Maxx and I'm definitely going back to stock up before it's all gone. 

Speaking of coffee, I've got a new favorite thing: Blended coffee protein shakes. A cup of your favorite coffee + a scoop of your favorite protein powder + ice. Blend that baby up and it tastes like a frappucino, except it's actually healthy. Over the weekend I blended pumpkin spice coffee with vanilla protein powder and it was so delicious. 

How was your weekend? On Friday, my friend Sam took off work (bless a job that offers mental health days as well as sick days) and we had a girls day. We both got our hair cut (it was the first time I've had mine cut since a year ago when it was accidentally chopped to my chin, but that's a story for another day). When you've got a good cut, everything else feels more put together, am I right? I just got a trim and some fresh layers, but I feel like a new woman who could take on the WORLD. 

Speaking of taking on the world, I'm trying something new in terms of to-do lists this week. Instead of working on all the things every day, I'm going to dedicate a day a week to an area of my to-do list. So on one day, go super hard on blogging, another day, get my house together, another day, write my butt off. I'll report back, but I'm hopeful that I'll be more productive this way. We shall see!

I hope you have the best, most productive, most enjoyable week. Starting today, make yourself proud of how you spend this week!

 PS: If you're in the path of this awful storm, know you're in my thoughts and I'm praying for you. 

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