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Thursday, October 11, 2018

10 Under $10: Earrings You (Maybe, Might) Need.

I mentioned yesterday that I can finally wear earrings again. AKA, Jack no longer sees something shiny in my ear and has the instinct to rip it out and play with it (Or maybe he does and he's just grown fond enough of me that he doesn't wanna also rip my earlobes off? The world will never know!).

I was meeting my friend at the mall a few weeks ago and got there before her, so I decided to take a quick stroll through Forever 21 while I waited. Turns out, they're totally killing the earring game. Which is nice, considering their clothes seem to get tinier and weirder by the day (do not you dare suggest I'm just getting old, no thank you).

Anyway, me and my earlobes' newfound freedom went a little crazy and bought way too many pairs, and I have zero regrets. I wore them all of vacation-even with bathing suits-and they're my new favorite thing. Don't feel like getting ready but still wanna look cute? Throw your hair in a bun and put some fun earrings on. Congratulations, you're done!

Here are 10 (okay fine, 12) pairs all way under $10 that you totally (maybe) need.

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