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Monday, October 15, 2018

Give The Good Some Airtime.

I'd venture to say last week was a heavy week for almost everyone. The damage this hurricane has caused is truly awful. The political climate is  r o u g h. Just lots of heavy, hard things. 

I posted on instagram a little while ago about giving the good airtime. The general gist being that if you're going to call out the bad, call out the good, too. 

I used to think that focusing on little happy things when big bad things were happening meant you were being insensitive, or naive. Now, I think it means you're trying your best to survive the hard things. 

You know how when you spend time with a friend who is negative, you leave and just feel exhausted? Like when someone only says the bad things out loud over and over, it's so draining? I think we (unintentionally) create that environment for ourselves sometimes. 

We do a realllllly good job of giving the bad airtime. We complain (out loud) about things as simple as getting caught by red lights, our alarm not going off, the grocery store being out of something we needed. We say things like I'm so tired and longest day ever over and over. And you know, that's fine! That's life. But if we're gonna give the small, not so great things so much airtime, we owe the small good things the same. 

So, in the spirit of giving the good some airtime: 

It was 53 degrees when I woke up on Saturday. MAGICAL.

Fall TV is back on. Has anyone watched Manifest?! It's so good! 

I have some really, really good friends. A close friend of mine texted me on Thursday that she was having a bad day and just wanted to come over and sit in my backyard. So we did, and it was the best afternoon. And it reminded me of how much of a blessing it is to have people in my life that I can just sit outside with and talk about life and it fill me up so much.

It's pumpkin patch season.  AKA I'm in tears over how much I love Jack because he is SO DANG CUTE and something about kids around pumpkins just melts me. 

I'm in the middle of a hilarious good book. Like, I want to skip all my responsibilities today and just read it. That's how you know it's a good one. 

Your turn! Tell me one good thing (or seven good things or every good thing - just give them some airtime!)
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