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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Favorite Things I've Discovered in October.

How in the whole wide world is October coming to a close?! Aside from a nasty little visit from the stomach flu, October was a pretty magical month, and I discovered some new favorite things: 

The Beachwaver. || I have wanted to try the beachwaver forever and was so excited to finally get the chance to! It. Is. Amazing. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a curling iron that does all the work for you. You clip the end of your hair in at the end of the curling iron, then press one of the arrow buttons telling it which direction you want your curl to go, then presto! Even, bouncy waves. It's magical and I'm obsessed.

Expensive, yes. Worth it, also yes. The waves in the picture above took me roughly seven minutes to do. Highly recommend. 

Downy Unstoppables scent boosters || I can only use unscented, free & clear laundry detergent because anything else breaks my skin out and makes me super itchy. But I decided to risk it and try these, and I'm a fan! Now all our clothes smell amazing. 

Webster's Pages composition planner || If you are like me, you love planners, but have never found a planner that quite fits what you need. I end up rotating several notebooks of to-do lists and ideas at a time. If that's you, YOU NEED THIS. It is a magical little contraption that holds four notebooks. So basically, you get to make your own planner. I have mine set up like: Daily to-do list book, goal book, blog book, running list book. ALL IN ONE. My mom gave me this and I have no idea how I've gone my whole life without it.

Brandless. || I've heard about this so many times and seen lots of bloggers I know post about it, and I finally got around to trying it this month. I'm a fan! The concept is that you're not paying for a brand or fancy packaging, so everything on the website is three dollars. Definitely look at the size when you order, because some things are cheaper than $3 at the store, but there's a lot of things on there that are great deals. Some favorites: The pretzel thins, almond butter, and vegetable broth packs. If you use my referral link you'll get $6 off your first order! 

What did you discover this month?

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