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Monday, December 10, 2018

Happy Festivus! An Airing of Grievances.

My friend Lindsay (who, side note, is one of my favorite bloggers. Like, I'd continue to read her blog even if I was no longer a blogger because it's just the best) does a yearly Airing of Grievances post inspired by Festivus. When she announced it early this time, I knew I had to join her this year.

So, without further ado...things that have disappointed me this year: 
Paying for Amazon Prime only for two-day shipping to turn into five-day shipping that may or may not ever actually get there. 

People who try to corner me into an argument about things that cannot be argued with logic. 

The fact that I so often fall for it and get sucked into these arguments. 

Clothes that no matter how careful I am to wash in cold water and not dry, will shrink the second they're washed. 

How in some brands I'm an XS and in some brands I have to get an XL to even maybe be able to squeeze into it. 

The fact that, of all things, SHOES cannot just be universal sizes. It's supposed to be INCHES. HOW DOES IT VARY SO MUCH BRAND TO BRAND?????
People who can't let you say something without pointing out how they are more ___ than you. If you are cold, they are COLDER. If you say you're tired, they're like "LOL YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TIRED IS UNTIL YOU HAVED LIVED THESE EXACT SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES I AM LIVING." 
The fact that vegetables just do not taste as good as unhealthy crap. They just don't. 

People who slide into my DMs trying to sell me something by being rude. "I couldn't help but notice you could use my help losing those last few pounds." BYE, SUSAN. 

People who say, "must be nice!" 

The fact that my phone autocorrects "Mondays" to "Monday's" even though I have literally never typed out a sentence about something belonging to Monday.

People / bloggers / brands who label clothing as "Mom friendly."

Meetings that could have easily been emails.  

Unsolicited parenting advice. 

When someone texts me and says "Call me." No, you call me. And if I don't answer JUST TEXT ME, OKAY?

Whew, I feel better. Your turn! What grievances are you airing today?
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