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Monday, February 4, 2019

If I Could Tell You Anything Today.

If I could tell you anything today...

...I'd tell you that your story matters. I read a book this summer that changed my entire outlook on (and I believe the whole trajectory of, honestly) my life in one chapter, because the author shared a part of her story. That may sound dramatic, but it's not. I think about that so often, about how someone was raw and honest and put a vulnerable part of their story out into the world where anyone could read and judge it. And how I, a stranger, have a better life because of it. Our stories matter in ways we can't possibly know. 

...I would also tell you that it's entirely up to you how you share your story. You, by no means, have to go around broadcasting anything about your life. You can share your story one on one. You can share it by the way you live, but the way you treat others. You can share your story in so many ways other than relaying it with detail-filled words. 

...I'd tell you to make time for the things that fill your cup. I've been thinking about this so much lately, and paying extra attention to what fills my cup. I've been so exhausted the last few months, and while a lot of that is just life (hi, I have a three year old who never gets tired), a lot of it was coming from the overwhelming amount of things in my life that were sucking me dry. They weren't exactly bad things, but they weren't filling my cup. 

So I started saying no to things. A lot of things. If someone wanted to meet for dinner, but I knew it'd be a draining night on top of an already draining week, I said no. If someone tried engaging in a debate over something stupid on social media, I said no. If I felt like things that weren't on my most basic responsibilities list were going to suck the life out of me, I. Said. No. 

I also started saying yes to things. A lot of things. I drove to Jacksonville and spent the day running around with my sweetest friend, Kristen (who took this picture with all that gorgeous light). While on the surface that might look like something that would make me more tired, it was full of so much joy that it filled my cup. I'm going to a concert Friday night, because dancing around to live music fills my cup. Saturday, I spent the entire afternoon reading. Dishes piled up and the house looked awful, but I felt so refreshed. Sunday, I spent the whole day cleaning, because starting the week with a clean house makes me feel peaceful, and peace fills my cup. 

So I'd tell you, whatever fills your cup, pay attention to that. Pay attention to what drains you. Adjust accordingly, as much as you can. 

...I'd tell you that I'm cheering you on today. That whatever your week has, big or small, you've totally got this. Happy Monday!

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