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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Looking Forward.

Last year, I was talking to my dad in the middle of a BAD month. It felt like the world was falling apart and nothing was going right and I couldn't catch a break. He had a lot of good advice, but the simplest thing he said is something I've held onto and used ever since. 

Find something to look forward to. Think about that and how good it will be, and all of the sudden, your day won't seem as hard. 

He's right! Now, every week, whether it's a bad week or I'm having the best week ever, I think about all the things I'm looking forward to. And seriously, it's an instant mood booster. Not to mention a really fast way to see all you have to be thankful for. 

So, a few things I am currently looking forward to. . .

Going to see Walker Hayes tomorrow night. He's one of my favorites! First concert of the year, and I'm so excited. 

S U M M E R. I love fall. I love Christmas. But summer has my whole heart. Pool days and watermelon and the ocean and cutoffs and still my heart. 

More days at Universal. The older Jack gets, the more fun it is to take him to Universal.  

Beach days. Hopefully lots of them.

Getting Jack new clothes. I noticed this week that Jack is growing out of most of his clothes, and I'm so excited to get him new stuff. Toddler clothes are the cutest thing in the whole world. I bought him a bunch of new stuff last summer and it made me entirely too happy. 

The library books waiting on me to read them. My passenger seat is currently full of about ten library books that I'm so excited to dig into.

The sushi I'm going to eat on Saturday. I've been craving sushi all week, and Saturday is my day. Is there anything better than satisfying a food craving? 

More walks. Jack & I went on a walk with our neighbors the other night and it was SO nice. It'll start staying light later and that means more evening walks and sunset walks. 

Tell me something you're looking forward to right now, big or small. 
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