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Friday, February 1, 2019

Spending February: A To-Do List For Adventuring Through Your Month.

HAPPY FEBRUARY! After approximately 284,402 days in January, we have a fresh new month! 

My goal this year is to spend my time. I hope you join me in that this month! We get 28 days that we get to decide how to spend. Of course, I've got some suggestions: 

  • Practice gratitude. This month, make a list (in your head or on your phone or in a notebook) of 5 little things from that day you were thankful for. 

  • Have a movie night. It's freezing, get cozy. 

  • Get yourself a robe. See above. IT IS COZY SEASON.

  • Meditate. Just try it! 

  • Try a new coffee or tea. I think hot drinks are the easiest way to treat yo'self this time of year. I just ordered this coconut coffee on the recommendation of Kait, and it's the most delicious afternoon treat. 

  • Make time to watch at least one sunset a week.

  • Plan lunch with a friend. Takes effort, yes. But it's worth it. 

  • Mail out Valentine's Day cards. 

  • Make chocolate covered somethings. Strawberries? Chips? Up to you. Get crazy. Blame Cupid. 

  • Make a list of books you want to read/keep hearing about. Then get on the waitlist for them at the library! 

  • Make breakfast for dinner. I made these twice last week. So delicious! 

  • Have a "no Netflix" night. Read a book instead. See if you sleep better. 

  • Celebrate Galentine's Day. Make our girl Leslie Knope PROUD.

  • Celebrate Valentine's Day. 

  • Go thrifting. Thanks to the whole Marie Kondo movement, the thrift stores are on fire. 

  • Start planning a summer trip. If this polar vortex has you feeling down, start planning a visit to somewhere tropical! 

  • Send a thank you card/email/text.

  • Make a list of all the tacos in your town. Seriously, all of them. Make 2019 the year of sampling tacos and finding the very best one. 

  • Make something with your hands. Cook a meal or make a craft or build a bookshelf. It's satisfying to make something tangible with your own two hands.

  • Make homemade muffins. 

  • Get some house shoes or fuzzy socks. Again, COZY SEASON.

How will you be spending your February?
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