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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Good Morning, I've Got Some Thoughts.

Good morning! I've got some thoughts that have been swirling around since yesterday. I started to talk about them on insta stories, but it got way too long. So instead I've brought them here, where I can angrily passionately bang them out on a keyboard, which is my natural habitat anyway. 

This is what I've been thinking about: There are a lot of things we should do that are hard. We should eat healthy and exercise, but that can be hard (because we live in a world where pizza and Netflix are a thing). We should always keep our word, but that can be hard because things come up and life gets in the way. We should be nice to everyone, but that can be hard because sometimes people are idiots. 

Not being mean? THAT'S NOT HARD. 

I've seen a lot of mean things this week. Personal things from people I know, but I've also seen a lot of people sharing / reposting / retweeting mean things. I get that it feels easier, and less mean, maybe, to share something you didn't actually say yourself, but man, I don't like what that says about us. 

Two things. 

One: I don't care if you didn't write it, if you share an article full of making fun of someone and being mean about someone, YOU ARE BEING MEAN. If you forward an email or text full of meanness, even meanness you didn't originally write, YOU ARE BEING MEAN. 

Two: It's not freakin' hard to not be mean. Don't share the mean thing on facebook. Don't retweet the mean tweet about the person you've never even met. Don't forward mean things to other people. That's. Not. Hard. 

If you don't like someone, don't hang out with them! Don't agree with someone's theology? Don't buy their books! Don't like a certain blogger? Don't follow them! But being mean just for the sake of doing it? Gross. Don't do that. 

Life is entirely too short to be mean. It doesn't bring you anything good. It doesn't bring the world anything good. 

Don't be mean. It's easy! The end. 

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