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Monday, March 25, 2019

What March Taught Me.

I usually feel like months fly by, but I feel like we hung out in March for a good long time. Anyone else?

March taught me a few things, like...

Focus on the good. || Are there some things that aren't going the best? Of course there are. Are there so many good things, too? Of course there are! I can focus on the good or the bad. Focusing on the bad is exhausting, it's draining, and-here's the most important part-it takes away from the good.  On the other hand, focusing on the good makes the bad seem smaller and less important. It opens your eyes to even more good stuff that's happening. 

I'm truly having to learn this day by day. The not-so-good stuff can be the loudest in the room and demand all the attention, but I'm working on not giving in to that. I'm not great at it yet, but I'm getting there. 

It's always better to go high. || People are going to be nasty sometimes. Behind your back, to your face, on the internet. It's life. And if you're anything like me, a fire will rage inside of you demanding to be let out in the way of immediate revenge. I'm a very calm person until you're nasty to someone I love. Then I turn into the main character from Gone Girl. Kidding (not really though). 

There were a lot of times this month where I wanted to open my mouth and let all my feelings fly. There were a lot of times where I wanted to do stuff worse than that. But after some good talks and (lots of) time with Jesus, I didn't. 

The short of it is, retaliating to people who stoop low enough to be mean to you in the first place is going to make you feel better for about five seconds, and then you've just thrown gasoline on a fire. 
So those strangers on the internet saying mean things about you? Ignore them. It'll make them crazy. 

It's important to feed your fire. || This summer, I read a few books and listened to some podcasts that set me on fire. Motivation was flowing strong. It was amazing. But life kept moving, things kept happening, and all of the sudden I was wondering what happened to all that fire inside of me. 

Then I realized, I hadn't been tending to it. I had jumped in all excited, and then got into a habit of go-go-go, which eventually will drain you. 

Keep reading the books. Keep listening to the podcasts. Keep taking time to dream and imagine and rest. Keep feeding the fire so it grows. 

Little joys and gratitude go the longest way. || A few little joys from this month: Throwback playlists, face masks, stick-on nails, hot tea, coconut-cocoa coffee. None of those things are extravagant, but focusing on them and gratitude can change your whole dang day. Try it. 

You never know when life is going to surprise you with good things. || Anyone else catch themselves waiting for the other shoe to drop? Going through life with a sense of caution, because something bad could be right around the corner? Well, it could. BUT. Something good could be right around the corner, too. And often is. This month was full of good things I didn't see coming - new friends, new ventures, exciting plans. Could something bad happen tomorrow? Sure it could. But if this month is any indication, something good I don't see coming could happen tomorrow, too. 

Now! This month, I wanted to do something new. I love these posts, and I love hearing what every month taught you, too. So I'm gonna put this template in my stories on instagram. Tell me what March taught you! 

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