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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Birthday Shopping Finds!

Since I was about 14, all I ever want for my birthday has been the same every year...I want to lay in the sun and I want to go shopping. The shopping was GOOOOD this year, and I wanted to share my favorites! 

This crochet trim maxi dress. || This is probably my favorite thing I have ever found at Forever 21. It's flowy and hippie and fits perfectly and is GORGEOUS. I already want to go back and get it in the mustard color! 
This tropical floral maxi dress. || Forever 21 is very hit or miss for me. A lot of times I walk in and everything seems very grunge and very tiny and V CONFUSING. This month though, the stars aligned and everything was right down my this dress. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation, which is basically how I always want to feel.

This smocked dress. || I can't find it online, but I got this dress in a purple and palm leaf print and it's so cute. It's perfect for throwing over a bathing suit. When I was shopping with my mom, she made the comment, "If it's not a bathing suit or something I can throw on over my bathing suit, I don't want it." 2019 SUMMER MOOD.
This striped dress. || This is the perfect simple summer dress. It's so pretty and light and easy. I wore it out to dinner and it was adorable and comfortable, which is honestly all I want in life. 

This fringe crop top. || This had a pair of matching shorts (I love a good set) but when I tried them on, they were the most unflattering thing I've ever put on my body. So instead, I paired them with these...

Wide leg pants || I honestly tried these on just for fun because they are so unlike anything I've ever worn, and I LOVED THEM. I ended up wearing this outfit out for my birthday dinner! 

This striped romper || Soft, comfortable, and colorful. It doesn't get better. Plus, rompers are great because it's a one and done, ya know?

And also this striped romper. || I have a thing for rainbow stripes and rompers, what can I say? This one is vibrant and off the shoulder and I'm gonna wear it alllll summer long. 

This hair scarf and also this one. || These scarfs are so easy and versatile, I love them. Ponytail? Scarf it. Messy bun? Tie a scarf on that. Need a headband? Scarf! 

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