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Monday, May 13, 2019

A Mid-May Coffee Date.

Good morning! It's early, Jack is still asleep, and I'm actually writing this while drinking my coffee, so it really is like a coffee date! 

If we were having coffee together (which might be a little awkward this morning, since I'm in bed in my pajamas, but that's neither here nor there), I'd tell you. . .

...That I'm on vacation starting TODAY! It has been a longgggg few months and this could not have come at a better time. I'm so excited to just sit on the beach and watch Jack have the time of his life digging holes in the sand. Oh, to be so easily entertained.

...That Jack had his first "performance" this weekend and I AM NOT OKAY. We were all in agreement that we thought he wouldn't even stand up there with the kids, BUT HE KILLED IT. My heart is forever melted. 

...That Target's current Sugarfix collection is speaking directly to my heart. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Do these earrings not scream that they were made for me?!
...That my best friend sent me a little Mother's Day gift and it meant the world to me. Just a "happy day, I'm thinking of you!" It took her about 30 seconds to type my address into Amazon, but it made my week a billion times brighter. It really reminded me of how easy it is to love on those closest to us. I want to do more of this. 

...That yesterday was my fourth Mother's Day, and while it's just a day on the calendar, it always makes me stop and think about what a privilege it is to have Jack. I will forever be thankful that life didn't go according to my plan. To get to help him become the best human he can be will forever be the greatest honor of my whole life. 

...That entirely too many (is there such a thing, though?) of my library holds came through all at once, just in time for vacation. So if you need me, me and my 87 books will be laying on a beach. 

Your turn! What's going on with you?! 

Have the BEST week ever! 
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