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Friday, May 24, 2019

Be Your Own Dang Support System Today.

I love a good support system. Friends or family or anybody who believes in you and cheers you on, there's nothing like it. 


You HAVE to learn how to be a support for yourself. To be your own cheerleader. 

I'm learning this big time. I love writing about things I'm currently learning, because it's kind of like we're all in this together, you know? 

I'll say this: I have an incredible support system. Family that has my back no matter what and friendships people write books about and DANG I just love them. But if I'm not also supporting myself, then that doesn't really matter, does it? And if I'm my own support system, then outside support and cheerleaders are extra icing on the cake. And who doesn't love a little extra icing?

So far, here's what I'm learning about how to be my own supports system:

Talk about it. || Talk about what you need. What you're working on. What your dreams are. How you've succeeded. How you're trying. Talk about it often. Whether to others or just to yourself, keep it at the forefront.

Encourage yourself. || With your words, with your actions, with your thoughts. Every time you think you can't do it, remind yourself that you can. Every time you face something difficult, remind yourself of all the difficult things you've already survived. Turning to a friend for encouragement is a wonderful option. But being able to encourage yourself? That's the JAM. 

Speak highly of yourself. || How you talk about yourself matters. How your talk TO yourself matters. 

Show yourself love. || Knowing your partner's love language is awesome. Knowing how to show your friends love is great. But what's your love language? Gifts? Save money to buy yourself awesome things. Quality time? Turn your phone off and read a book. However you receive love the best, make sure you're showing yourself love in that way.

Fill your life with things that lift you up. || If your friend was having a bad day, would you send her funny memes? Look them up for yourself! If you were walking through Target and saw a book on a topic your best friend was really struggling with, wouldn't you buy it for her and slip it in the mail? Buy yourself that book, sis. 

Remove the things that bring you down. || Surrounding yourself with uplifting things isn't enough. No, if you're going all the way in on supporting yourself, then you've gotta get rid of the things that bring you down. The friend that's always dragging you down to their level of complaining about how miserable life is? It's time for some space. The people you follow on social media that give you anxiety? Unfollow button. Just because something isn't "bad" doesn't mean it's healthy for you, right now, at this time. 

I'm sure I'll learn a hundred and four new ways to do this. I'm sure I'll fail a lot, too. But I'm learning and trying, and you should too. You're amazing. I can tell you all day long you're amazing. Those closest to you can spend their whole lives talking about just how amazing you are. But when push comes to shove, you need to believe how amazing you are. 

But hey, in the meantime...I'm totally not going to stop talking about how amazing you are. 

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