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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Little Nightlights.

I've been focusing as hard as I can on the little joys, because there's been some heavy darkness lately. And when things are dark, turning on every light in the house seems exhausting. But flipping on one little that, I can do. And when you turn enough nightlights on, things start to look not so dark. 

So, my nightlights lately...
Lots of good books || The last 5 books I've read have all been winners, and that never happens! 

Jack's using mouthwash || As a kid who has hated anything to do with oral hygiene since he popped his first tooth, this is a big deal, okay? (These are the things we get excited about these days, it's fine).

I've drank tons of water every day this week || And ALWAYS feel better for it! 

I haven't had an overdue library book in months || I kid you not, the minute I typed this I got an email that my library books are due. Will I keep this streak up? We shall see. 

Walks with Jack || So many walks. Lots of sweating. The slowest (s l o w e s t) walk you ever did see, because he likes to take his sweet time. Pure happiness on his part, pure bewilderment on mine that I somehow MADE this whole entire human who has the biggest personality and enjoys slow (I really just cannot stress the word slow enough here) jaunts around the neighborhood. 

Morning coffee || frothed with the perfect amount of almond milk and cinnamon. 

Trips || I had two summer trips planned and was so stressed about the timing of them. Turns out, they were exactly when they needed to be. Things fell into place exactly as they were supposed to, I see that now. Set reminder to remember this next time I'm stressed about timing. 

What about you?! What are your little nightlights lately??

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