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Friday, June 28, 2019

What June Taught Me.

You are a success each time you choose to keep trying. || I heard John Maxwell talk about this on the Rise podcast, and he gave the example of someone celebrating graduating college. He said, "Everyone celebrates her on that day, but she didn't just become a success when she was handed a diploma. She became a success when she woke up on Wednesdays to go to math class. She became a success when she failed a test but stayed in school. On the good and bad days, she was a success because she kept trying." 

I LOVED that. We sometimes narrow success down to such a small window (just the graduation day, for example), but he's right...we succeed each time we choose to try. 

Enjoying the present moment is just as important as planning for future moments. || I'm a planner. I really enjoy planning ahead. But I'm learning that enjoying life day by day is just as important as planning for the future. And let's be honest - future plans tend to change. I should be putting at least the same amount of effort into the only thing that is absolutely for sure, and that's the present moment. 

The best kind of friend doesn't look away when you're drowning. || I've got a whole blog post coming about this soon, but the last few months have truly taught me a lesson that I can't stop thinking about this month: True friends don't look away when you're drowning. They sit on the edge of their boat and reach their hands out and hold you up for as long as it takes, no matter how tiring and not fun it is. 

You are capable of whatever you set your mind to. || I made a commitment to myself to live thirty days in a certain way. We're only on day twelve, but we're about ten days into me no longer wanting to do it (haha...but also I'm being serious). But I made a promise to myself, so I've been doing it anyway. And you know what? I feel physically and mentally better than I have in a long time. Forcing myself to do things like exercise and journal my thoughts every single day (even the weekends, GASP) has been so good for me. But beyond that, it's taught me that I'm capable of sticking to things, even when I don't want to. 

Pajamas are LIFE-GIVING. || Look, sometimes I learn big, impactful things, and sometimes I learn that pajamas truly make my life better. Balance, you know?

What did you learn this month?! Don't forget to fill out the instagram story template (and tag me!) so we can all see! 

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