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Monday, July 15, 2019

Happy Little Moments as of Late: July.

dress sold out, but similar one here.
I'm all about starting the week on a positive note. I'm a big believer that whatever kind of day you decide you're going to have, you will have. It's possible to have a good day in spite of bad things going on, and it's possible to have a terrible day in spite of good things going on. 

With that being said, it's Monday, a new week, and I think we should all decide to have a good day today. Start your day off by focusing on the happy little moments going on in your life right now. Here are mine: 

After dinner swims. || Does anything scream "summer" quite like a swim while the sun is going down? It stays light so late now that post-dinner swims can happen. I love taking Jack over there and letting him splash around while it's still light out but the heat has started to calm down. 

Face masks and peppermint tea. || I've got new a routine going and I'm OBSESSED. I know I keep raving about this face mask but I can't help it, it's legitimately the best one I've ever used. When I need a mini break, I put it on and make a cup of this tea. It's soothing, supposedly good for your stomach (I'm a sucker for anything that tells me it helps gut health haha). And there's something SO nice and relaxing about having peppermint tingling on my skin AND drinking something peppermint.  10/10 recommend. 

Pictures with Kristen. || On Wednesday, my best friend Kristen met up with me and took approximately seven thousand blog pictures for me. I love them, I love that I have a backlog of content to use, but more than that, I love that I told my friend what I was struggling with blog-wise and she hopped in her car to come help me. SUPPORT EACH OTHER, ALWAYS.

A fantastic library haul. || I've got some goooood books from my most recent library pick up. I can't wait to dive into them! 

Homemade iced chais. || Can't stop making these. They're delicious, have no sugar, and the entire jug costs less than one single iced chai at Starbucks. 

I truly believe that focusing on and making a big deal of happy little moments only leads to more of the same. Try it! What's something happy in your life right now?

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