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Monday, July 29, 2019

My Favorite Things I Discovered in July.

These shoes and this belt. || Unless you're brand new around here, you know that I have a fierce love of all the colorful things. Especially when it's summertime. Sometimes you just really need to have a neon moment, you feel? These were both on sale at Target and they're so fun. I will be wearing both of them every chance I get. 

Vanilla bean creme brûlée k cups. || When my beloved coffee maker bit the dust earlier this year, I was pretty devastated to find out it had been discontinued. We ended up getting one that had both a coffee pot and a k cup side, so I (obviously) have used this opportunity to try alllll the k cup flavors. 

These are delicious. And they're Target brand, so they're cheaper than normal k cups. Big, big fan. 

Countertime skincare line. || HOLY GLOW, BATMAN. I know a lot of people switch to clean beauty to avoid toxins - and bravo to you! But I'm going to be honest and let the shallow side of me show and tell you I switched to clean beauty products because I just really, reallllllly wanted my face to stop breaking out. Turns out, it did the trick! 

This is Beautycounter's newest line and it is MAGIC. It's anti-aging and in seven days has already smoothed my forehead lines (that I don't wanna talk about) out. It's plant-derived retinatural (haha - get it?) that works like retinol without being super bad for you. I've only been using it for a week, but I've used a lot of skincare lines (love trying new ones, it's a problem), and this is my favorite one so far. Also, they come in glass containers instead of plastic, which just feels super fancy, and YOU NEED THAT SOMETIMES, OKAY?!

What's something good you discovered in July?!

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