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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Real Life Coming in Hot.

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I posted a little about this earlier, and while I love me some instagram, my heart lies in this little space of the internet where I can write and write and write and no character limit can stop me! 

Some real life for you: I had an allergic reaction to something last week (I'm allergic to some random things and try to be so careful, but sometimes I get too comfortable and forget to check). My skin is peeling like a freaking reptile and my face is on FIRE. 

Jack was up sick all Sunday night and had to stay home from school. He's smart, so today he's putting together that he hasn't been to school in more days than normal, so he's demanding to get in the car and go to school right this minute. Spoiler alert: There's no school on Tuesdays. 

I forgot what day it was, so I missed paying a tiny little bill, and in return got charged a late fee that was more expensive than the actual bill. COOL. 

So like, a little bit crappy, you know? 

But also: 

I got to hang out and eat pizza and drink coffee with my family this weekend and it was so much fun. I have discovered a new favorite queso and enjoyed way too much of it while eating some delicious tacos last night. I have SUCH a fun weekend planned that kicks off in just a few days. 

So like, a little bit good, you know? 

It's not all good, but it's not all bad, either. 

One of my favorite quotes is: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but a lot of it actually is."

I'm actually a fan of talking a little bit about the non-great days, because honestly, isn't it a little refreshing to be reminded that you're not the only one on the internet who has bad days and who doesn't have their life together? 

But I'm a huge fan of talking a lot about the good stuff, because happiness breeds more happiness. 

And really - when you discover a new queso, you just gotta shout it from the rooftops, ya feel? 

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