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Friday, July 19, 2019

Some Weekend Inspiration: Dance While You Can.

"To not dance when you had the health and could hear the music could be the biggest regret of your life."

I read that quote this week and it got me RIGHT in the feels. I think we should remember that this weekend. 

Don't get so bogged down with life that you forget to enjoy it. 

Some seasons feel like to-do list after to-do list after to-do list. I get it. If you watched my instagram stories yesterday, you know that I spent a good amount of the morning trying to dry off a ceiling my toddler soaked because he wanted it to rain in the house. So I get it. There wasn't a whole lot of room for dancing yesterday. 

But maybe there should have been. 

I get so caught up in the thought of day-to-day life having to be one or the other: It can be fun or it can be productive. It can be relaxing or it can be serious. It can be a dance party or it can be hard work. 

But honestly, I think it's about it being both. 

Chase the dream. Do the work. Eat the salad. Drink the water. Be disciplined. But enjoy life, too. 

Do the laundry (because someone has to), but also sit in the sunshine. Go to work (because, mortgage), but dance it out to your favorite song when you get home. Exercise (because, health), but eat some pizza if you want it. 

Life, after all, is meant to be lived. 

So dance if you want. Wear what you want. Laugh way too loud when you're happy. And don't, for one second, care what anyone else might be saying about it. 

Because you can hear the music, and there's life to be lived. 
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