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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What July Taught Me.

1. Just because something is over doesn't mean you've dealt with it in the way you need to. || Anybody else guilty of trying to move RIGHT past something hard the second it's over? This month taught me, nice try - but no. When you go through hard things, or stressful things, or overwhelming things...just because those "things" finish doesn't mean your feelings do. And that's okay! It's okay to process as long as you need to. 

2. Don't even SIT at tables where you will be the topic of conversation when you get up. || I've always loved that quote, but this month really taught it to me from a new perspective. Not only should you not trust those people, you shouldn't even sit down at the dang table. You're worth so much more than that, and your time is worth so much more than that. 

3. Your morning sets the tone for your day. || I mean, I kind of wish this one wasn't true. It would be nice to lounge around every morning and still have a productive day. Alas, not the case for me. If I have a rushed and stressful morning, I will have a rushed and stressful day. If I have an intentional morning, my day follows suit. 

4. It's beyond okay to change. || Slowly or overnight or rarely or often. Drastically or subtly. You are allowed to change. In big ways and small ways. And - here's the kicker - you don't have to explain it to anyone other than yourself. 

5. Find the good in whatever season you're in instead of wishing it away. || If I could have fast forwarded through most of the last eight months, I would have. There was some terrible stuff in there. But now that I'm here, in hindsight I can see how much good stuff I would have missed. I would have missed laughing while Jack jumped on the bed and sang "5 little monkeys." I would have missed laughing with my best friends. I would have missed good books and good dinners and beach days. 

There's always good, even in the midst of the worst seasons. And the truth is that you can't fast forward through the hard stuff. So look for the good. If you look hard enough, you'll find it. 

What did July teach you? Don't forget to use the instagram template and tag me so I can share your lessons, too! 

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