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Monday, August 5, 2019

An August Coffee Date.

...I'd tell you that I just had to spellcheck the word "August" because I stared at it for too long and it didn't look right. So, there's that. Fill up my coffee cup, please. 

...I'd tell you that I just spend two days on the lake with my favorite people. We drove way too far for way too short of a time, and it was glorious. Sometimes irrational decisions are the best ones. Time in the sunshine with people I love is my love language. Being on a boat in the sun is also my love language.  

...I'd tell you that I've been struggling with and also finding beauty in the idea of heavy and light, happy and sad. How they can coexist. How good things happen in the midst of heartbreak. How I can wake up to news of two mass shootings and feel my heart breaking over that and then go on and have the most fun day with my family. How this year has had heaps of devastation but also some of the most beautiful days I've ever had. It's hard to reconcile the two, you know? 

...I'd tell you that I've got a website overhaul in the works and I am so excited about it.  I set some big blog goals in June and have been chasing after them hard. BIG things in store, and I cannot wait to share it all!

...I'd tell you that I'm returning my library books today, which means it's time to request new books! I'd ask you what the best book you've read lately is so I can put in on my list. 

Your turn - what's going on with you?!
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