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Let's Work Together!

Want to collaborate? Let's do it!

If you're a blogger wanting to tell my readers why their new favorite blog to read should be yours, let's work together to create a post to introduce them to you! You can see examples of that here.

If you're a brand and want to introduce my readers to your product, let's work together to create an authentic post. You can see an example of that here. 

To see current pricing for these things, or to create a new option that fits what you want, email me here!

I can't wait to work with you! 


  1. Hey Chelsea!

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently added passionfruitads to my blog. I would love to continue with the swapping love, and I would love it if you added your button through that! I know we already swapped buttons, but it would help me so much if you could add yours through there, that way I can keep it more organized. I can also do the same for you if that would help you, too! Thanks!

  2. New follower! Your blog is adorable!

    Invitin ya on over to my blog!


  3. HI Chelsea!
    Your blog is so cute! I'm glad you stopped by!
    dija @

  4. Love your blog! Can't wait to see this page and how we could work together :)

  5. Your blog is SO cute- I would LOVE to have you on my sidebar. Email me so I can give you a code for a free space.

  6. love this idea.. im new to writing and want to blog..

    you get paid for the things above??? just to write posts.. i wanna do this..

  7. Hey Chelsea,

    I've recently stumbled across your blog, but have to say I love it - you're really positive about everything and that's really lovely to read :) keep doing what you're doing!


  8. Do you still write poems for a fee?

  9. Your blog is lovely Chelsea! I'm smitten!

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